BricoTahe Octave Kit


The BricoTahe Octave is the perfect pedal if you want to get the distinctive Hendrix sound, mix of an octave and fuzz. This pedal is an octave uses a signal transformer and an all-analog circuit to take the note you’re playing and produce one an octave higher, adding it to the original one. But it’s also a fuzz that produces some amazing distorted tones!

Set the amount of octave with the Intensity potentiometer, adjusting the BricoTahe Octave from your original tone to a distinct and clear upper octave added to your sound. The Pre potentiometer adjusts how much of the input signal is fed to the circuit, and thus controlling the gain. That way, you can set the BricoTahe Octave from a clean octave to a huge fuzz octaved sound as you can hear in Jimi Hendrix’s “Fire” solo.